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2023 Co-Chair and Advisory Board Elections!

We are accepting self-nominations to join our advisory board! We have four (4) vacant positions for Regular Board Members and one (1) position as Co-Chair.


If you are interested, send your application materials to Melissa Youngquist and Travis Kurtz at,, by November 14, 2022. Reach out to Melissa or Travis with any questions. 


Applications for either position should include:

  • 1-page resume

  • short personal statement detailing your qualifications and what you would bring to the advisory board or co-chair role

  • the state and professional sector you would represent 


Responsibilities of Regular Board Members

Regular board members represent the diversity of the Midwest Region. We invite members from every State in the MWPARC region and professional sector (e.g., Local, State, Federal, Tribal Government, Academia, Industry, Consulting, Zoos and Aquariums, Hobbyists, etc). Qualified board members must be familiar and committed to the mission and vision of PARC and MWPARC. 

The Advisory Board provides guidance and advice to the two co-chairs in matters relating to MWPARC activities, communications, and products. Members of the Board agree to:

  • Participate in and contribute to the activities of and creation of products for MWPARC;

  • Communicate to the co-chairs emerging issues and activities related to amphibian and reptile conservation;

  • Advocate for MWPARC (e.g., communicate with colleagues the activities of MWPARC);

  • Identify and recruit additional partners and potential Board members (see membership) to help fulfill the mission of MWPARC


Please see this PDF for more details.

Responsibilities of the Co-Chair

The MWPARC Co-Chair facilitates and directs the activities of MWPARC. Successful Co-Chairs are leaders who are effective communicators, able to take initiative to get tasks completed, collaborative and able to integrate the suggestions and opinions of others, able to delegate tasks, and organized. The Co-Chair must be committed to the mission and vision of PARC and MWPARC.


The MWPARC Co-Chairs are responsible for:

  • directing the MWPARC advisory board and ensuring all activities are aligned with the Mission and Vision and 5-Year Plans;

  • communicating with and facilitating discussion among the PARC Joint National Steering Committee (including attending meetings), MWPARC task teams, the MWPARC Advisory Board, and the MWPARC membership;

  • ensuring MWPARC programs and activities are properly executed (e.g., Student travel awards, vendor at national/regional meetings, annual MWPARC meeting, etc).

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