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Do you work with amphibians and or reptiles in the Midwest? Are you interested in learning more about these animals and their habitats? Do you want to build your professional network, or connect with other folks who share similar interests? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider joining Midwest PARC!

It's free to join Midwest PARC! Become a member by signing up for our Google Group. You'll need a Google Account to be added to the email listserv and to post to the group.


Get involved through a Project or Task Team

Task Teams within MWPARC are a great way to meet others working in the region. They also allow members to directly shape the products and overall initiatives pursued by MWPARC. Consider joining a Task Team this year! Email if interested.

Current Task Teams:

Outreach and Communications Task Team (OCTT). Lead: Jennifer Y. Lamb. Produce content for social media, the MW PARC website, and quarterly newsletters. Our purpose is to promote knowledge about the conservation of amphibians and reptiles, and facilitate connection and a sense of community among those interested in herpetology in the Midwest.

Crawfish Frog Task Team. Co-Leads: Nate Engbrecht & Melissa Youngquist. This team was created to serve as a collaborative platform for biologists, researchers, and individuals interested in crawfish frog research and conservation in the Midwest. An email listserv is being created for this new team to enhance communication and facilitate discussion between meetings. Plans are being made to develop a crawfish frog “best management practices” document for land managers.

Crawfish frog by Nate Engbrecht

Celebrate Amphibian Diversity!

The first week of May (May 2 - 8) is Amphibian Week! You can find lots of great resources and activities to help celebrate amphibians through National PARC's website

The MWPARC Outreach & Communications Task Team is sharing frog-tastic content via our social media feeds (links below!). They've also interviewed Dr. Bill Peterman, an amphibian biologist working in the Midwest region and beyond. Check out that interview via the link below! 


Dr. Bill Peterman (The Ohio State University)

Lab website:

Twitter:  @Peterman_Lab

MWPARC Interview